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 Guide How to get started!

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PostSubject: Guide How to get started!   Sun 18 Oct 2009 - 19:48

Welcome to a simple guide on how to start off on the Explorz-Scape Private Server.

First thing is first, getting some money!

Do "::starter" ingame for 20M cash instantly. This can only be done once!


Now that you have some cash, you want some stat's to go with it right? Well you get 25Mil spending exp to spend on your stats.

You do this by the command of -

:lvl [id] [exp]

The ID bit of the command is for the stat you wish.

0 is Attack.
1 is Defence.
2 is Strength.
3 is Hp. You can't use this though. Hp gains automatically with other stats.
4 is Range.
5 is Prayer.
6 is Magic.

Some common comands for levels -

::lvl [id] 37224

For 40.

::lvl [id] 61512

For 45.

::lvl [id] 273742

For 60.

::lvl [id] 737627

For 70.

::lvl [id] 1210421

For 75.

::lvl [id] 5346332

For 90.

::lvl [id] 7944614

For 94.

For example, to get 70 Attack it would be -

::lvl 0 737627

For example, to get 94 Magic it would be -

::lvl 6 7944614


Okay, you got some money, you got some stats. To fully deck out your account, you will need some arsenal to deal those kills.

This can be done with the following command -

::item [id] [amount]

Let's use an Abyssal Whip for example. To buy 1 Abyssal Whip it would be -

::item 4151 1

To buy 2 -

::item 4151 2


Now, buying takes money from your cash deposit, so to use the ::item command, you will need your Coins in your inventory.

To check out how much items cost, it is done using this command -

::checkprice [id]

And it will display the price of that item. For example, to price a Abyssal Whip it would be -

::checkprice 4151

And it will display the amount needed.

You can also sell items for Coins. Using this command -

::sellitem [id] [amount]

You can also sell all items in your inventory.


Sells all items in your inventory. Be careful, make sure all valuable items that you do not wish to sell are in your bank.

But remember, selling items will give you less Coins then the product is worth, not too much less, but abit. Say for example, if you buy something for 3M, it might only sell for 2.7M; etc.

Let's use an example to sell 2 Whips -

::sellitem 4151 2

Too easy. The Coins go straight into your inventory.

For a useful .bat program with all the ID's needed, here is a link -



To see how many players are currently online use this command -



The switch command changes your Magic spellbook. The ID's of the spellbooks are -

0 for Normal.
1 for Ancient.
2 for Lunar. Lunar also requires 40 Defence to use.

::switch [id]

So for Ancient Magic's, you do -

::switch 1


Some other useful commmands and what they do -


Show the rewards for donating to the server.


Shows your kill to death rate.


Changes it so that you no longer gain exp for hits done, useful for staying at certain levels.


This shows how many spendable kills you have to buy certain items.


Some teleport commands -


Goes to Bounty Hunter.


Goes to the PvP world.


Goes to Fight Pits.


Goes to Clan Wars.


Goes to King Black Dragon.


Goes to Kalphite Queen.


Thanks for reading, this guide has been made for you by Rohafin.
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Guide How to get started!
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