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 Rules of Explorz-Scape

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PostSubject: Rules of Explorz-Scape   Sun 18 Oct 2009 - 19:41

1. No macro/botting/auto's. Auto-clickers, typers, anything.

2. No dual log assisting. This includes things like Veng other etc. Of course people can play on the same IP together and assist in fights, but no dual logging only to run out and Veng other and run back in for example.

3. Always listen to Staff. If they tell you something, you do it, end of story.

4. Exploits to the server such as glitching, duping, etc; is not tolerated. If you find a glitch, do not keep doing it or tell anyone, simply report it to Staff if it is something that needs urgent changing.

5. No racism, simple.

6. No other acts of hard flaming. If there is an urgent problem involving other players, report it to a Staff member.

7. Although swearing is allowed on the server, use it in a decent manner, remember that younger people can play. Excessive swearing should be reported.

8. No impersonations. Alias's are allowed, but do not pretend to be someone your not.

9. No scamming, for example - Selling a worthless item to someone pretending that it is really good, but they don't really know it's bad.

10. No spam/flooding of the server. This includes repeat messages over and over.

11. No advertising. Whether it be another forum, server or whatever, we do not need your commercials.

12. No illegal names, whether it be discriminative names or illegal characters.

13. No transferring ::Starter's.

More can be updates so please read frequently.
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Rules of Explorz-Scape
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